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The Other Grand Canyon
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After crossing the Mata-Mata border into Namibia we traveled for 100 miles over red dune after red dune seeing not a single other soul until a lone San tribesman rode towards us on a bike in his out of place … Read More

The Lost Kalahari
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Wave after wave of red sand dune inconsistently covered with low-lying thornbushes and camelthorn trees broken only by the occasional dry pan or riverbed; marred only by the industrial towers of mining operations, miles of fences and the grazing cattle … Read More

Interlude – Spas, Science and Sand
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We are taking five days to cover the nearly 1500 kilometers between Kruger and Kgalagadi. It isn’t the most elegant routing I have ever done but was a necessity due to the dates I could book some parks later on. … Read More

The Art of the Game Drive
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The ability to spot animals in the wild is a skill that can be developed. I happen to have a natural knack for it and have been lucky enough to travel with some of the best guides around who helped … Read More

Swazi Amusement Park
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From early on in trip planning Avital was looking forward to Swaziland – she thought its name sounded like it would be an amusement park. In many ways she was right, when South Africa restricted amusing delights like gambling and … Read More

Zulus, Beaches and Rhinos
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Eliav is taking to South Africa well, he proudly wears his Springbok uniform ($1 in a Durban street market), chokes down red meat at every meal (literally, I had to perform the Heimlich on him) and insists on his sip … Read More