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Smoke on the Water
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Victoria Falls is a true wonder of the world – a wonder in international marketing. Sure, the falls are beautiful but no more spectacular than many others we have seen and less spectacular than several (my favorite to date being … Read More

Into the Wild
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We were on our way back to Horseshoe Lagoon for sundowners to conclude a very productive game drive when Karen saw ears sticking up in the grass. What’s that Avi? My eyes immediately knew what it must be but my … Read More

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Even before Taleb coined the term, me and my colleagues at CEB were trying to teach the same essential concept to CFOs and Chief Risk Officers – the idea isn’t to merely build a risk management program that can survive … Read More

Rare & Endangered Conservation Efforts
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Avital locked in on it from day 1 – we could not leave Africa until she saw a pangolin. Sure, I encouraged here to pick her ‘must find’ animal – but was it really fair for here to pick what … Read More

On the Road Again
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Our injuries are on the mend and we can’t wait to get on the road again, goin’ place that we’ve never been. Karen is recovering well after her surgery, I picked up our Toyota Hilux (it’s not a Defender, for … Read More

Kindness of Strangers
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It could have been much worse, maybe given the nature of the accident it should have been. It all happened so quickly – a slight application of the brakes, car starts to slip to the right, maneuver to avoid the … Read More