Avi & Karen

Avi Alpert

Avi and Karen have been travelling the world together since their first spring break trip to the Bahamas as college sophomores. In the 18 years since they have been to ~100 countries on six continents from the jungles of Borneo to the glaciers of Patagonia. They are avid scuba divers, Avi is a certified pilot and they both hope to instill the spirit of adventure in Avital and Eliav.

Avital & Eliav

Avital Alpert

Eliav Alpert
Avital (8) and Eliav (5) are just starting their global travel experiences. They have been to Bonaire, Mexico (Avital) and Canada but will be leaving North America for the first time. They have started down their own adventurous paths trying SASY scuba in the Caribbean, flying planes with their father, climbing walls at the indoor gym and skiing the bunny hills.