Mo’orea (French Polynesia)

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October 22nd, Mo’orea, French Polynesia – One week since we left D.C., four days since we left the U.S.; and we hardly remember it at all. We spent the last four days on the island of Mo’orea, one of the most tranquil place we’ve ever been. It is the perfect place to transition out of the working world and into the traveling one; we spent most of the time sitting on the deck of our little cheap bungalow watching the calm, crystal blue waters. We walked a little eachmorning, up and down the uncrowded five kilometers of beach or on the road to check out the Polynesian village or find restaurants for lunch and dinner; then spent the heat of the day on our deck relaxing, before taking an afternoon dip in the water. The atmosphere here could not be any more relaxed, the calm water of the protected lagoon permeates into the psyche. This morning, after our previous attempts failed due to lack of turnout, we took a boat trip out into the lagoon; we swam with reef sharks circling around us and swam with, fed and petted sting rays (who may be the most docileanimals we’ve ever encountered), a stop on a Motu (island) for fresh fruit and some nice snorkeling rounded out the trip. Waiting for the Le Truck to take us to the port, a nice American offered to give us a lift instead, so we hopped in. He comes out here every year for a few weeks of relaxing rejuvenation, stays at a magnificent looking house on the hillside overlooking one of the bays, owned by a friend from the Sates; not a bad deal. In any case, we are on the ferry to Tahiti, and tomorrow morning an early flight to Auckland, New Zealand, leaving this tropical paradise behind for the next stop on our adventure.
sting ray

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