Negombo, Sri Lanka

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April 12th, Negombo, Sri Lanka – Yala is a decent park for a wildlife safari though not quite on par with the few African parks left where mass-tourism ‘safaris’ do not dominate. Anybody with eyes should see plenty of deer, … Read More

Yangon, Myanmar

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March 27th, Yangon, Myanmar – The Burmese people continue to amaze me; they are so incredibly friendly and helpful without asking for anything in return (except the few children who have been taught to beg for shampoo, pens and candy; … Read More

Nyang U, Myanmar

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March 21st, Nyaung U, Myanmar – Burma is an incredible place. The unique political situation aside, the Buddhism practiced here is unlike any other place we have been, the art and architecture is a mix of Indian, Sinhalese, Mon, Siamese … Read More

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